Tigers in Thailand

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97% of tigers have been lost in the last century and there are now only 3,200 tigers left in the wild.

Tigers are threatened globally by habitat degradation and fragmentation; the loss of their prey; and the devastating effects of poaching for the illegal wildlife trade.  This trade is the fourth largest criminal network, worth over $20 billion each year and it drives instability, with often the most vulnerable communities affected.

ZSL America, Inc. is raising vital funds to support a crucial tiger project in Thailand in an area near the Myanmar border, conserving the largest remaining Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) population in South East Asia.

This project is dedicated to talking the illegal wildlife trade by supporting rangers – training, equipping and mentoring them to detect poaching events and implement targeted response strategies.  Rangers are supported through technology developed to tackle the illegal wildlife trade which is utilized by partners and collaborators, globally. 

Community engagement is an integral part of this project and underpins the future conservation of tigers within this area rich in biodiversity.  As shared habitat decreases due to human activities and as tiger populations begin to increase, human-wildlife conflict will also escalate.  Monitoring and awareness building with communities is crucial, particularly around conflict to support communities and protect their livelihoods including livestock; coupled with communicating the dangers and impacts of poaching both for them personally as well as for the future of the Indochinese tiger. 

Furthermore, this project engages with children from local communities, forging a connectedness to nature as the future custodians of this rich ecosystem. 

Support this vital project to create true impact for tigers in this stronghold. Your donation could buy a camera to detect poachers or boots for our rangers for their field work.  As a US tax-payer, you can make a tax-deductible donation today to make true change. 



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