Time to give back to Wildlife

By 14th August 2017December 3rd, 2018Blog

During Thanksgiving many of us took the opportunity to reflect upon what makes us thankful. We often think about the things closest to us - perhaps for you it is your family, your friends or the community around you.

But how often are we thankful for our planet?

Our rich and diverse earth is under threat and we are facing the next great extinction event since the dinosaurs.  This event, named by scientists as the Holocene, is driven entirely by us. 

The challenges we face are many. The tearing down of forests, increasing carbon emissions and plastic pollution are cruelly affecting once healthy ecosystems. We are faced with the very stark realisation that our own health and the health of our children is being threatened by these dramatic changes to the resilience of our planet and its ability to sustain us. Global gangs are taking advantage of the rare animals that remain by profiteering from wildlife crime. Just today three rhinoceros will be killed for their horns. In the last 100 years, humans have wiped out 97% of the world’s tigers. 

There is still hope. An increasing number of people are making a stand and are fighting to protect our planet. From the scientists that are working on new solutions to complex problems; to the rangers putting their lives on the line in the battle against the criminals poaching our most beloved animals.

This Giving Tuesday I ask that you join us
to change the future of our planet.

Donating towards our vital work has a positive impact.  We are already seeing a difference in our 260 projects across 60 countries, we train and equip rangers with the tools they need to tackle poaching; and prevent plastics from entering our oceans, waterways and ourselves.  We work with Governments to advise them on global policies, and with local communities to support them as we, together, tackle the conservation challenges of areas incredibly rich in biodiversity. 

Your donation will make a transformational change to the future of our planet.  By joining us in this battle you can make the difference for the rhino facing a poacher.  You will make the difference for the green turtle trapped in a discarded net.  You will make the difference for future generations who could face a world without clean water.

Support ZSL America now and make your tax-deductible donation as a US taxpayer.
We are grateful for your support.

James Wren

Secretary of ZSL America, Inc. and Global Custodian